Sunday, April 24, 2011

Baselian Radio 2007

Kottayam: The pioneer student Internet radio in the country will go online when Baselius College here launches its e-radio on January 2 2007.
Says Jolly P. Joy, the coordinator of the project: “This will be operated completely by students and we have already put in place a team of 30 students to handle the various departments. We also have the necessary infrastructure facilities to commence operations,” he said. To begin with, they would use the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to upload the clippings so that it could be downloaded as ‘background sound.’ “However, after two months, from March 1, we will be able to go on air, live using audio stream facility,” he said. We will launch operations using 24 byte stream, which will be of international quality, Mr. Joy said.
The campus radio, operated by the Human Resource Development and Training (HRD&T) Centre at the college, had its origin when the students and faculty members decided to take the cue from the highly successful e-radio experiment run by the Aberdeen University Students’ Association of the U.K. This will not be only an IT chain linking the various educational institutions in the State, but a medium with global reach, said Mr. Joy. Anyone with a broadband connection will be able to listen to from January 2, from any corner of the world.
A team of 30 trained students to work in areas like reporting, dubbing, news reading, editing, etc., will function as the core team from the studio set up in one of the rooms with 15 PCs for the initial operations.
The campus radio has been designed as a knowledge chain linking all educational institutions in the State. Students from these institutions can present their programmes on the radio. The project will also give an opportunity to students to get trained in related areasHowever, during the first two months it will only have college news and current affairs. The daily bulletins will commence at 8.30 a.m. From 10 a.m., there will be one-hour schedules for various programmes both in Malayalam and English. From March onwards, programmes from outside students and faculty members will also be aired, said Mr Joy.
Campus radio is not a new concept and various campuses in the country are operating them. However, the Baselian team believes that it is the first online campus radio in the country.